Thursday, February 28, 2013



I'm not perfect, I AM ME .. I've made bad decisions and wrong choice, but I AM ME.. I've said the wrong things, I've said the right things, because I AM ME.. I don't like everything I've done, but I did it because I AM ME.. I've loved the wrong people and trust the wrong people, and I AM still ME.. If I had a chance to start again, I wouldn't change a thing.. Why? Because I AM ME! There are a lot of good things about me, you just need to look past the imperfections to see what's right.. If you can't do that, then It's your loss,

I'm the best I can be.. I AM ME!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Walking dead is here

Today i've been visit by walker at my office.. Aww man this is seriously cool and awesome!
Please wait for the picture soon!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

He Text me out of blue!

What Does It Mean When My Ex Boyfriend Texts Me

The breakup took place, despite your protests. Both of you turned and went your own way for a time. You've done your best to move on, You're getting in shape, and you're starting to feel really good about yourself again. Things finally seem to be getting back to normal and you've been keeping yourself busy. It feels good. Then, out of the blue, you get a text from your ex. What is he up to? What does he want from you? Why would he text you instead of calling or emailing or something else? What does it all mean?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

I'm ME!!!

I'm Perfect in my Imperfections,
Happy in my Pain,
Strong in my Weaknesses,
Beautiful in My Own Way..
I'm ME!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Greyson Chance live in KL 2012

Yeayyy now it’s time for me to update some picture of me at Greyson Chance Concert.
It’s really crazy coz I’m surrounded by thousand of School Girls..haha
But it doesn’t matters cause I am still looks like a School Girl (eventho i'm 31 years old woman) and I’m crazy about this little guy too.. I Love U Greyson!

Greyson performed at KL Life on 17th April 2012 with Camryn..erkk..who the hell is Camryn..?
Greyson was good, his singing is good but i didn't really like Camryn.
I thought she was off pitch at times and her voice sounded like it was about to crack.

Alrite before the concert fans we're chanting outside KL live while waiting for the gates to be open.and singing, and screaming. A LOT.

It was a good concert though.
Greyson sang Rolling in the Deep, Pumped up Kicks and Paparazzi (I love the way he sang those cover version song, so cool and different ) and some of his own songs!

Greyson.. I love u!
this is my tickets
me and my tickets
This is Camryn
This is my boy..Greyson Chance
he's very talented young boy.. love him so much!
he sounded so good

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

JuSt Liana

JuSt Liana