Monday, May 14, 2012

Greyson Chance live in KL 2012

Yeayyy now it’s time for me to update some picture of me at Greyson Chance Concert.
It’s really crazy coz I’m surrounded by thousand of School Girls..haha
But it doesn’t matters cause I am still looks like a School Girl (eventho i'm 31 years old woman) and I’m crazy about this little guy too.. I Love U Greyson!

Greyson performed at KL Life on 17th April 2012 with Camryn..erkk..who the hell is Camryn..?
Greyson was good, his singing is good but i didn't really like Camryn.
I thought she was off pitch at times and her voice sounded like it was about to crack.

Alrite before the concert fans we're chanting outside KL live while waiting for the gates to be open.and singing, and screaming. A LOT.

It was a good concert though.
Greyson sang Rolling in the Deep, Pumped up Kicks and Paparazzi (I love the way he sang those cover version song, so cool and different ) and some of his own songs!

Greyson.. I love u!
this is my tickets
me and my tickets
This is Camryn
This is my boy..Greyson Chance
he's very talented young boy.. love him so much!
he sounded so good

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


How Can You Hate Someone and Miss Them at The Same Time???

Party Rock! - Sorry for Party Rocking..

This one is obviously a very outdated post. Just cause I had been really busy week after weeks..haha

Hmm..I had been really busy because I have so many stuffs going on, meaning also more back dated post. I have got something real important to settle and works is busy like hell.

After missing out on all the major parties this year i.e. Calvin Harris, Future Music Festival Asia, Zouk@Sepang and Dash Berlin... decided to attend LMFAO live in Malaysia is kinda Super Awesome Amazing Experience Ever! Thanks to Syuk for generously gave the free ticket to me! 

There!! Our tickets

This DJ warming us up.. can anyone tell me who is he..?
 I really don't know who's this guy but he played kinda cool music..
 Yeayyy Babyyyy..
After 2 hours or so, finally it was LMFAO's showtime! The crowd went insane at the sight of Redfoo!
Skyblu had some injury so it was just Redfoo but I thought he was amaze-balls performing alone. Everyone went mental when he did the Party Rock number.
Sexy and we all know it!!! 
Wiggling our butts off ..I think he performed this song the longest but was most entertaining.
LMFAO-"Laughing My Fuckin' Ass Off"
LMFAO is the craziest party/concert I ever attended in public..He popped a few bottles and sprayed at us!Creazyyy!!! When they played Champagne Shower, we went completely nuts.  How can don't go crazy?!Party People!!!

What's a party without a bar! :p

It all ended too soon! What an amazing party! Enjoyed myself to the maxxxxxx. All I wanna say now is YEAAAAAAYYY BABBYYYYY!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Move On!

Six Letters, Two Words, Easy To Say,Hard To Explain,Harder To

Do :



Wanted By Many..Taken By None..Taking to Some..Just Waiting for One..

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Logging Track - Kapit

Ya I went to Kapit recently and here another story and pictures of my journey there. So after crossing Rajang River with the Express Boat and Longboat, I gain another priceless experience which is travel via a 4WD in Logging Track.

In Kapit the logging tracks cut through some amazing and lush rainforests and offer access to the aboriginal communities that live along the river. A 4WD is the ideal vehicle to travail upon these rough roads and to this is the only way to reach my destination – SK Sg. Paku. (Besides the Helicopter la..haha)

To be sure, they are not the smoothest rides around. Even a simple ride along a dirt road had all my bones rattling and body swaying this way and that.Btw it is another coolest experience for me after all..

Cool Signboard at the jetty
This is how the Jetty look like..
Ready for the next trip
This is our 4WD ride "Toyota Hilux"

Look at the "Balak Lorry" a bit scary for me..
"The Track"
Our Camera Man sit at the back of our truck

It took about 1 hour to reach our Destination
and finally we reach Sg Paku Village.
Hijaz and Abg Sam with our "Like us on Facebook" poster.. haha

And yes this is our Destination SK.Sg Paku.

JuSt Liana

JuSt Liana