Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Logging Track - Kapit

Ya I went to Kapit recently and here another story and pictures of my journey there. So after crossing Rajang River with the Express Boat and Longboat, I gain another priceless experience which is travel via a 4WD in Logging Track.

In Kapit the logging tracks cut through some amazing and lush rainforests and offer access to the aboriginal communities that live along the river. A 4WD is the ideal vehicle to travail upon these rough roads and to this is the only way to reach my destination – SK Sg. Paku. (Besides the Helicopter la..haha)

To be sure, they are not the smoothest rides around. Even a simple ride along a dirt road had all my bones rattling and body swaying this way and that.Btw it is another coolest experience for me after all..

Cool Signboard at the jetty
This is how the Jetty look like..
Ready for the next trip
This is our 4WD ride "Toyota Hilux"

Look at the "Balak Lorry" a bit scary for me..
"The Track"
Our Camera Man sit at the back of our truck

It took about 1 hour to reach our Destination
and finally we reach Sg Paku Village.
Hijaz and Abg Sam with our "Like us on Facebook" poster.. haha

And yes this is our Destination SK.Sg Paku.

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