Thursday, October 28, 2010

Penang Trip vol.2 "Penang Ferry"

me and ellyas went to penang early this months..this time we're going with his friend lagi but different friend eh "Daniel and Amri"
this time not much pic have been snap by me, just a liltle pic yg me sempat snap when we on da way balik via "Penang Ferry"..

this is Daniel and Amri.. so masuk air..
syg u tunjuk ape tue ek..

my love ellyas

p/s- this is our 2nd time vacation together @ Penang.. :)

Hard Rock Penang Couple Shirt "Native Music ROCKS"

me and ellyas with our "Hard Rock Penang Couple Shirt"
nothing much just snapy2 here and there when we're in Penang early this month.. :)

p/s- i love Hard Rock but i love ellyas more.. :)


If you want your dreams to come true, you mustn't oversleep.

ellyas cravings for Satay Perut...

hmmm..craving for satay perut? about 2 weeks ago me and ellyas had supper at Satay Station Kg Pandan. actually kitorang da dinner da that nite but ellyas so craving for satay and with the help of ellyas fren Daniel we got a chance to go to the Satay Station.

tapi ntah macam mana on that day satay perut xde la..cian my ellyas kan..walaupon satay perut xde,Disebabkan ketamakan ellyas,he still ordered 15 cucuk Satay ayam n 15 cucuk satay daging..

But..when satay came,hambik ko punye la besar satay dia makan secucuk pon da kenyang..
so me end up mkn 2 cucuk satay..ellyas bout 5 cucuk and Daniel plak around 5 cucuk gak..
giler kenyang satay2 yg x abes tue we ask the waiter to tapau..hehe..

kecian my ellyas kempunan satay perut kan..

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

1st time watching Movie at Platinum Class @ Cathay Cineplex in Cineleisure

Me & ellyas love watching movie alot. We enjoy the feeling of watching the big screen in cinema. We used to visit the nearest cinema least once in a week or sometimes 3 to 4 times a week~ ^^ but now both of us kinda bz lately so nowdays kitorang da so jarang watch movie together.. :(

hmmm..but now i would like to story about our moment watching movie at Platinum Class @ Cathay Cineplex in Cineleisure sometimes ago..

me and ellyas got a chance to watch my favorite sequel movie "Resident Evil" there..well we're watching an action movie but the seat is so comfy, and seriously sampaikan ellyas fall asleep pon me x sedar..giler selesa seat dia siap bole adjust da mcm katil dah..patut la si ellyas siap bole berdengkur..

ellyas is quite hungry the other day, so we just ordered the food in the counter together with our movie ticket, then they will serve the food when the show start. nice rite..di layan like princess..

He really know how to enjoy it right..

this is my best experience watching movie..

JuSt Liana

JuSt Liana