Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wedding my Brother part 2 (Majlis keluarga perempuan)

2nd Oct 2010 is my Brother Boboy wedding day..this one majlis sebelah perempuan yg di langsungkan di KK Club, Tmn Melawati..hmm ape yg special nye about my brother wedding nie ialah...my fiance ellyas la jadi Best Man a.k.a Pengapit Boboy..Wedding Theme aritu ialah pengantin pakai "Suit N Dress" so as Best Man, my love ellyas pon have to la dress up sharp la on that day..btw you look so comey tau in your Pink Shirt n Black Suit tue..:)

this is the Invitation card..

"The Pengantin" Fairuse & Nadia

me and the "Bride"
"The Best Man and Pengantin x siap"
Pengantin perempuan sedang di makeup kan..

ellyas n boboy
ellyas with pink shirt n Black Suit
me and my "Man"

my ellyas
"The KK Club"
wah..ellyas siapkan pengantin ke
da enchem da tue..

tapi perut cover sket ye bro..
nice Suit

hmmm..mane satu pengantin nie?
ellyas n flower girl's
kiut la konon
persiapan terakhir
pengantin "wanabe"..insyallah next year eh..hehehe..
me and my brother
my family
my sister "Dekno and her BF"
my mum and my auntie

ellyas tgh mengepit..

me and my sister Ida
me again

makan beradab

pengapit a.k.a waiter ker??
cian syg i kan..jadi waiter skali..hehe

"The Dishes"

pengapit tgh mkn..

i love u syg..

ellyas n my lil brother
mcm bodyguard plak kn..
me n ellyas lagi..

ellyas on dat day dah mcm body guard pon ada gak kan..

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