Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dinner @ Bora Asmara

me and ellyas had dinner sometimes ago at this Restaurant called Bora Asmara which is located at sg. penchala, Damansara..well actually kitorang gie sana coz we'll tgh survey2 tempat for our Wedding..hmmm at 1st memang rancang nk buat wedding kat sini but ellyas purpose me other place yg for me its quite un usual place for wedding..kalau betol la jadi our wedding buat kat situ memang org akan kate "pelik" gile tau..apa2 pon just wait n see adakah Liana & Ellyas akn buat majlis kat tempat tutttttttt... :)

alrite back to Bora Asmara..this is our 1st time go there..The place is so cozy and nice..yeah very nice place for couple like us kan syg..so Romantic..:)

hmmm..one more thing the reason we go dinner there is because my "Uncle" Cik Zam is playing in their in house "Band". My Uncle playing "Double Bass" (guitar yg besar tue la). they are quite an entertaining Band. The most interesting about these Band is, they will go from table to table to perform..nice rite..

For us, they playing a song of "Can't take my eye over you" memang sesuai sgt la lagu tue bile ellyas sing together..terasa mcm lagu tue ellyas dedicate for me..hehehe..

yang tengah main guitar besar tue la my uncle..

love the decoration..

ellyas orded "Fish & Chips"

"Banana Milk Shake"

Liana love ellyas so much...

and "Yes" he know.. :)

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