Sunday, December 18, 2011

Jom Bali!!!

Jom Bali!?

hahaha.. I'm not asking you guys going to Bali with me.. It's JomBali Cafe la..
Last Thursday I was Invited for the New Opening of JomBali Setapak.
JomBali Cafe Setapak is located at Setapak Platinum 128, Jalan Genting Klang.
JomBali..?? there’s nothing remotely Balinese about the menu. Instead They serving "Truly Malaysian Favourites". They serve variety of Malaysian food, Jombali is where you should be heading. It offers a wide variation of food from the Malay, Chinese, Indian, Eurasian and Nyonya background with affordable prices too.

This is their new Cafe at Setapak

Look at their menu, quite nice right?

Their other Outlets.
This is the drink that we ordered the other day
It's Vanilla Dragon Fruit
Seriously this Drink is Superb.. It's so yummy and yum..yum..
My friend Daydeck ordered this Bandung Cincau..It's quite tasty.
On that day we been served by Buffet Sytle cause it's opening day and I think it would be easy for them to entertain their guess.

Look at the food..yummmy..
And this Fried Chicken was so good.The rempah and seasonings is perfect and crispy.
If I'm not mistaken this is Acar Rampai and the taste is not bad.
Lamb Chop and it's my favorite dish here.The meat is juicy and tender.
For dessert they served us with delicious "Rojak Buah". I tell u the "Rojak" Sauce is good.Instead of using peanut they replaced it with seseme seeds and the sauce was in the unique bottle.

This is Meehoon Goreng Tomyam..seriously this meehoon was delicious, furnished with small pieces of chicken meat, vegetables and egg I'll recomended you guys to order this dish.It's different and it's so nice..
So this is it..whole in 1..
Look at my plate, I ate all of them.

Nasi Goreng Tiga Rasa with King Prawn. The fried rice is cooked with 3 taste which is slight of salty, soury and spicy. The nasi goring is slightly wet compare to normal fried rice. It's full of King Prawn on it.
Love the Prawn and I'm JuSt like it!

The Lamb Chop is Juicy and tender and it's garnish with blackpeper gravy
You guys should try this Lamb Chop too.

Overall How was the food? hmmm.. I'm enjoy the Big Prawn,like the meehoon,love the Lamb Chop and yes it completed my dinner.
Well Congratulation for your new Outlets openning and wish u guys all the best.

So that's a bit story of my 1st experience dine out at JomBali Cafe and personally it's quite impresive in term of food wise. So there’s no excuse to not give the place a try the next time you’re in that area. :)

Setapak Platinum 128,

Jalan Genting Klang
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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