Thursday, December 29, 2011

My New Year Resolutions

In 2011 I've experienced a lot of things, unpleasant and happy as it is.So I'm expecting my 2012 to be way better than ever. There's always a way to be rid of all your negativity and churn out your stress - mine is too keep smiling! Of course there are always ups and downs, but that is just to be expected right? You can't always get whatever you want, but insyallah with patience and faith you will! This year hopefully will be awesome.

 Oh well, these are my 2012 new year resolutions.

1.   Let go of my past and start a new life.
2.   Focus more on ME and only ME.
3.   Spend more time with Family,Friends and Love one.
4.   Exersices more,get fit and live healthier
5.   Travel more -Visit Hong kong!
6.   Learn how to say “NO”
7.   Learn something new.
8.   To love and be loved.
9.   Enjoy Life more and be HAPPIER
10.Make 2012 a better year than other years!

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JuSt Liana