Sunday, December 18, 2011

Thanks Sister's

Who knew I was so loved?!?! I thought I have nothing for my birthday..well I guess I wrong.. I’ve had, this incredible surprise could not have come at a better time to smash right into my face – “you are cared about!” Between freaking out about turning 30! & going going going without much , and NO ONE planning anything for my birthday, I would have NEVER guessed that something so wonderful was in the works!!

Truly speaking. I love my Sister's, they are so generous & thoughtful, I couldn’t believe it! I am officially 30, and this party definitely started the whole new decade off on a great foot. Amazing things will happen in my 30s, I can feel it! Thanks to my beloved sister's Ida and Ekin plus my two lovely neice and nephew and my Mum.. I’m excited to share the future with each of you!

lovely cupcake from Loft

My favorite Durian Daughnut

Me..Aiman and Arissa

Me and my sis Ekin
Me and my sis Ida

P.S: I love you guys all.. Thx.. ngeeee..

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