Tuesday, December 13, 2011

GoodBye 20's

That's right, tomorrow is my birthday, and I'll be 30. Which is kinda a big year, because they say, once you turn 30 'it's all over' haha ...

Lets see what I accomplished in my 20s

I got married, divorced, was homeless for a year (after my divorce),living with Gay community,Party everyday with Party People,get wasted, met a 'perfect guy' who I thought is my perfect guy but turned out he totaly not!, getting engaged and Disengaged, and now have nothing at all.

They say the 20's go by the fastest, and in some ways, yes it has, just by making lists like that and realizing 'wow, I did all that in 10 years?' but then try to remember my first wedding day, I don't remember it, seems like sooo o long ago!

I on the other hand, have found myself going back to some bad ugly habbits...really..? Basicly I have nothing by age of 30..I have no husband,no fiance,no children,no house..Sad rite..what a loser and I'm kinda wasted huh?

But it's okay..I'm still Grateful that I still have family,sisters and brother around.I have a great job, wonderful friend,a car for my ride,"Someone" who love and care about me and the best things that i ever had during my 20's is the big "EXPERIENCE".

So all the life lessons I learned in my 20s, I can now apply to my life.

P.S: 30 here I come!


  1. selamat hari tua... MOJ... ehehheh xper belajar dari pengalaman... aku dah cakap jgn tunang ngan mamat tu ko nak tunang gak... ehhehe... xper pasti trus kawen je ngan gemuk k... ahhhahaha

  2. Untunglah... Happy Birthday weii..!! Semoga panjang umo tu.. Sweet 16 selalu.. Eh eh...


JuSt Liana

JuSt Liana