Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Me and my Mission Imposibble Ghost Protocol

Finally I got a chance to watch sequence of Mission Impossible "Ghost Protocol" last saturday. Actually we plan to watch this movie last week but unfortunately the Theater is full booked but it's ok we managed to buy the tix online through his Iphone last saturday.So we went to our favourite theater Signature @ The Garden to watch my favourite hero ever.. :)

Who says Americans can’t have their own James Bond?

In Ghost Protocol, you will get to see Tom Cruise perform a sequence where his character, Ethan Hunt scales the outside of the Burj Khalifa Tower, the tallest building in the world, without the use of a stunt double (remember, this dude is pushing 50!).

The movie was shot in many locations - Dubai, Prague, Moscow, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Vancouver. Hence you get to do some traveling too with your eyeballs.I called it "Travel without Moving"..hehe

This is my favorite scene ever!
hanging at the world tallest building..cool rite!
he became Spider man..cool gadget!
"The Team"
"The Beemeer"
For me, I was fixated on Tom Cruise being 49  years old, but still looking so freaking fit and charismatic.Is this guy an ageless vampire?
I wanna be like him.. so ageless.. :)


Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) returned to the field to prevent a nuclear war from happening... However, in the process, he and his team was outsmarted by the enemy and thus blamed for the bombing of the Kremlin... IMF was disowned by the U.S Government and all agents were considered rouge and labelled as terrorists... Without backup and with limited resources, Ethan must find a way to clear the agency's name and stop the terror from happening...


The most fun scene to watch was indeed the Burj Khalifa scene... It's not just nerve wrecking but it's also funny to see Ethan struggled to climb the glass panes of the tallest building in the world just to penetrate the building's server...
I was impressed by the sand storm chase scene... It was really engaging and in ended with a bang!! A high speed bang!!


The most amazing gadget of all is the one they use in the Kremlin... They duplicate the room's image and project it on a canvas... U'll know what I'm talking about if u've seen the movie...It's kinda funny to fool people with that stuff. One more thing, the car!! The BMW car! Touch screen GPS and computer on the front mirror... Awesome!! And don’t forget Apple also their biggest sponsors cause they used Iphone and Ipad in this movie.There are so many cool gadgets in this movie and I would want u to know that all of them are under development... Yup, scientists are still developing every single one of it... So, maybe in the future, we all can be Ethan Hunt... :-P


Jumping into the window but ended up banging head first on the frame... and no concussion? The explosion in Kremlin... mild concussion? The vertical fall of a car... where the hell is the concussion? Okey... maybe u can say that he was trained to take all of the damages... hmm..


To summarize, this movie is really fun to watch because of its high level action sequences and humor... To enjoy it, abandon your logic and just enjoy the thrill ride because it will take u to places u never ever have been before...

And this is our tickets that been purchased online through Iphone.

P.S : JuSt 2 words:  SEE IT!

4.5 out of 5

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