Thursday, December 22, 2011

P.S I Hate You!

I Really love the Book and Movie P.S I Love You.Seriously I did, I guess it's not only me.I bet him too.That's is our favourite Book and Movie ever.Well when it all over, I think P.S I Hate You is more suit you!

So here it is the List that I should do When it's all Over..

1. Visit the nearest karaoke
(who cares.. You’re heartbroken, woman!) and sing from morning till night. Drown out the temptations in your head from The Ex with your own voice!

2. Buy a new piece of outfit, put it on along with loads of make-up and spend a day out!
Camwhore as much and as shamelessly as you can. Camwhore with everyone. Camwhore with everything. Break my record. I can take 1000 photos of myself in 15 minutes.

3. Start active with my Blog again. It always makes people feel good.
A brand new Story Or a photo album, Flickr and whatnot. Upload your best photos and think of all the the most outlandish captions to write beneath it. If you have nice captions but no photos, then whip out the camera and take more photos!

Tell yourself this face and this body are worth it :)

4. Read a Book.
Believe it or not, this works if you’re willing to try it.Choose one that is stubbornly unputdownable.( I used love to read book P.S I Love You and now I'm searching for P.S I HateYou book.. hahaha)

5. Piss off a friend who is in the relationship.
Show her/him how you can go round kissing guys in photos or letting guys kiss you in photos and not worry about getting jealous that the guy you like will do the same to make you angry because you no longer have a guy you like. Hah! Take that!

6. Write e-mails to all of your friends.
The anticipation of having a written e-mail from your friend which is not a stupid forwarded chain letter or funny photos can be quite pleasant. Might as well let them know you broke up with so and so to avoid potential embarrassing moments in the imminent future, right?

7. What would you do if you were really, really scared
after watching a horror movie? Do you keep yourself occupied by blogging? Do you make up a little sketch involving you and Brad Pitt naked, rolling around in bed, hot, hot HOT in your head?

8. Friends. Friends. Friends.
Friends are damn important when it comes to kicking The Ex out of your mind, which is why you should never sideline them. (And this is a case of talk big, no action, because I always sideline my friends for my boyfriend.)

9. Do nasty things to The Ex
but do not let him know.Haha.. can I..? sure I can..but no worries I won't do that.I'm not a MeanGirl tho.Someday and Somehow he pay what he did to You..

10. Do whatever you can to steel yourself for a new relationship.
You don’t have to rush headfirst into a relationship because I know some of you might consider this being on the rebound. Get to know some guys, and you will realize that it’s much better to have many guys caring for you than to just have one. And I am positive the ‘care’ given by these guys will increase in amount and intensity if you don’t have a boyfriend. *wink*

P.S: I Hate You..yes I do..

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