Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Me and My 1st Superman Shirt..

About 2 weeks ago I went to DC Comics Superheroes at Pavillion to bought my 1st ever SUPERMAN
Shirt opsss SUPERGIRL Shirt la.

I always wanted to buy Superman Shirt but I don't know somehow why I can't find an appropriate time to buy it.

Well thanks to someone who really close to me now for your encouragement.Because of you,I own one piece of original Superman Shirt.. :)

DC Comics Superheroes Store at Pavillion KL

Me at Dressing Room

Dressing Room full of comics poster..
Like it!
Love it!

This is mine.. :)

P.S: I really love the paper's so cute.. :)


  1. salam adik comel...wah minat dengan hero omputih ek..hero tempatan tak nak ker?

    seronok jumpa kamu, nanti kita berjumpa lagi yer

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