Thursday, December 29, 2011

Welcome to Family-My newest nephew!

This is My newest nephew!  He was born on 2nd November 2011 (02112011).
He's my Brother 1st Son but my 2nd nephew.The newborn baby is given name of Muhammad Aydan Farrel.Such a fancy name rite.From then on, I have two babies boy and one baby girl to play with.

So this is Baby Aydan Farrel "Birth's detail" he was born at Ampang Puteri Hospital @ 2nd November 2011- 12.10 am

I love babies and I was really excited got a chance to hug this little boy.

He’s super adorable

This is my brother and his little miniature

He so cute and Babies are awesome
The "Daddy"
The "Mummy"

P.S: Wondering when can I have my own baby..Hope it's soon cause I'm kinda running out of time.. huhu

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