Monday, December 5, 2011

JUST A piece of my mind..

They always say, "I can't live without you. I will die without you. Don't leave me."
Have you ever wondered if you could live your life without having this someone around anymore?

I hope that we have come to a point in life that we may have realized this, relationships come and go; what you cherish today may be something you perish tomorrow. Swear I just came up with that, but that was how I'm feeling for today. What may seem like a hopeless romance, our desired fairytale love story may just turn into our worst nightmare ever the next day itself.

They say, it's funny how someone breaks your heart and you're still loving them with all the little pieces left. Dreams shattered, you've lost a special someone and you've tried very hard to get over it but you just couldn't and find yourself not being able to drag yourself out of this trap - end of story. And so the question is, to what extent will you fight for something that you have lost? Some said, only time will tell.


If you're lucky, you'll be able to discover someone new who would pick you up from hell and brings out the best in you once again. Well if you're not, you'll find yourself drowning into this over and over again. Over the years, even if you've met someone new, late at night you will still be pondering about this person whom once existed in your life, someone once played such an important role and was everything of your life.

Do not fear if you're feeling tired and exhausted from a relationship, in fact the other party should be very worried if you have lost the will of fighting. I once had this feeling that I couldn't live without this person, but as time goes by, over the years, you will feel all worn out, exhausted from a relationship. Either of you are just waiting for each other to break the silence and to ask for a separation. Tho it hurts but sooner or later you'll realise, more of that I've realised, I never had the will to fight for it anymore, I'm just tired and I just wanna get out of this. And the song goes, please release me let me go, for I don't love you anymore. Truth is, I still love him but I just don't have the fighting spirit anymore. I won't wanna be a fighter to survive our relationship anymore. Likewise, if my other half no longer fights for this love anymore, why dwell in it?

P.S: I'll find a way back into love.. :)

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