Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Me and My Durian

Dubbed the king of fruits, I am a HUGE fan of the durian.Seriously I am a BIG FAT Durian Lover.
Thanks to my mum for bring us this lovely Durian yesterday and FYI I ate more than 6 biji Durian all by myself..hehe
And this morning I woke up with uneasy feeling. I called it "Mabuk Durian" .
What? is it Durian hangover..? hahaha

It's doesn't matter I still love Durian and trust me,
 the more you eat, the more you'll like it.

 JuSt me and my Durian..

 And this is "Kuah Durian" or some people called "Bubur Durian"
 I love "Kuah Durian and we can eat it with Sticky Rice or Bread

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