Sunday, October 24, 2010

Frozen Yoyurt (FROYO)

hmmm.. Frozen yogurt — or froyo, as they call it — is the new ice cream, just as macaron is the new cupcake. (By the way, it’s macarons, not macaroons. Just sayin’.)
Now The timing for froyo to become a trend food in Malaysia .

Coffee Bean’s Frozen Swirl

Coffee Bean has my favorite froyo called Frozen Swirl. It’s served in either small and regular and, depending on the person that serves you, the serving is pretty huge! Small costs RM6.90 whilst regular, which is a lot, costs RM8.90.

My favorite flavor is classic tart; they also have classic vanilla as well as their drinks’ flavors in the form of froyo like Blackforest and Berry’d Treasure. You can also customise your froyo by choosing either classic tart or vanilla and adding a topping for RM1.50 per topping.

well..that is my 1st time experience on having froyo and yesssss it's really yummy..i really like it so muchhhhh..

my love ellyas @ Coffee Bean Mid Valley

cravings for froyo

ellyas say POYO not FROYO

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