Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1

Twilight again? hahaha.. ya my favourite sequel Twilight Saga is back and you know what the best part is I'm watching it Premier and I'm watching it last nite ok.. alot of thanks to my new BFF for giving me those free ticket.. thx man.. :)

So here it is Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1.

The final episode of the Twilight saga, so conveniently broken up into 2 parts to make more money..

Before the movie, my colleagues were all about Team Edward or Team Jacob or even Team Bella.

And for me of course la Team Edward..hehe
Let me just mention something about the characters. Edward Cullen is always cool and calm. .

Jacob is more fiery and passionate

Bella Swan is just emotionless.
Hmmmm..There's no denying that Edward (Robert Pattinson) is a handsome man. No wonder Bella (Kristen Stewart) is crazy in love with him even if he's a vampire. Jacob (Taylor Lautner) obviously had no chance to win her over with Edward around!

One thing though. Malaysian movie censors have cut out 2 pivotal scenes, namely the sex scene, where Edward breaks the bed or something and the childbirth scene. While I don't really mind the sex scene being cut out, (because seriously, I don't want to see Edward glitter while he's doing it) but the childbirth scene was one I could not afford to miss.

Let's just say that this movie is definitely a must watch for fans of Twilight.
I give this movie a 3.5/5 because of all the cut scenes. If they had included the sex scene, I may have reconsidered giving the remaining 0.5. hahaha..

So this the Free ticket that a very good friend of mine gave.. Thanks Man.. :)

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