Monday, December 13, 2010


it's my big day~ i am getting a year older......i was born today 29 years ago......old enough's not a secret.. age just a number kan syg..I'm still look young rite...nampak cam budak umur 19 kan........hehe....

hmm...start my day with whisper thur my ear " Happy Birthday My Love" thanks syg for remember it in early sweet..hehe..

no special celebration......hmm maybe i reward myself a self some treat tomorrow la..or who's know got lil surprise frm ellyas later..

apa2 pon..

"i Thanks God for what i have now and how much He has bless me with..

i pray that, God please lead me and guide me in my future, career, life, and relationship"

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JuSt Liana

JuSt Liana