Friday, January 28, 2011

Dine at up in the SKY..

Sometime ago me and ellyas had very special romantic Dinner at Look out Point Bukit Ampang.

hmmm Fyi Bukit Ampang is our hictorical venue..something happen there that changed my life..

But on the other day we had our romantic Sunset dinner at the top of Kuala's really above the menara tinjau a.k.a look out point at Panorama Restaurant.

Top of Kuala Lumpur
Sunset view..nice!

Our Food of the day..yes Pizza..


Chicken Chop for ellyas
and our drink Manggo Magnificent..
ade umbrella lagi..:)
love bird's..hahaha
i know u love me..hehehe
but i love u more..
Love up in the air
comey konon
"u can be under my umbrella"
serious plak!

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