Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dinner at Coffee Box Sri Gombak

Me..ellyas and my Sister Ida having a Makan Besar at Coffee Box Sri Gombak sometimes ago..
this is our 1st time there and for me it's really nice restaurant and they served a very nice food..

Nice Restaurant and surprising their toilet is very beb..
for drink we choose Milo Dinosour..
This drink are so nice..
and for ellyas he pick jasmine tea..
appetizer we choose "Wantan Soup Mee"
love the taste so nice..
omega toast
this my favourite
Char quay tiaw..
Chicken porrige
look plain but it's so tasty..
and yes..Steamboat..

my sister and her baby arrissa
naughty girl..
me and ellyas..

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JuSt Liana