Monday, February 21, 2011

Moving to Icon

21st feb 2011 me and my whole department are moving to our new office "The Icon Tower" Jalan Tun Razak..hmmm after almost 8 years serving kat ABC Bukit Jalil and now cam x caya je we all moved to this new for me cause my new office is quite near from my place so kinda jimat sket la duit transport kan..but yg x best nye my new office at this moment xde cafe lagi and so susah for us nk kuar bfast n lunch..nampak nye terpaksa la tapau hari2 kan.. cubicle at this office plak best giler cause it's superb besar compare to previous cubicle tapi yg x best nye skrg susah la nk layan TV kt sini..xpe la cause "Aku datang keje sebab nak keje bukan nk tgk tv"

p.s : yang last tue adelah ayat tok ketua kitorang yg rasa cam nk kena bakor je..hahaha

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