Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lunch at The Manhattan FISH MARKET KLCC

A few month back me ellyas were in KLCC and had no idea where to eat. After giving it some thought, I decided on Manhattan Fish Market coz i never been there before. It's was my 1st time there and ellyas recommend me ordered the seafood platter for two and for starter he asked for Garlic soup with mussels..

My 1st time here but surprising it's really nice place to dine in..
The Appetizer something called "Garlic Soup with mussels" kot..

look at those mussels so big and fresh..nice..
So creamy but ellyas said last time he tried it's much more creamy..yeke syg..
Seafood Platter have been served..
the platter is first flamed with a torch before serving..interesting rite..
it consists of a dory fillet,calamari,button mushroom,mussels,prawn,chips,vegie like tomatoes,broccoli and some baked rice..

nice rite so full and rich..and it's really fulled my tummy..
oh..i wonder when can i have that lagi..

tetibe terliur plak tgk picture2 nie..

and for the drink ellyas pick oreo milk shake..
me..iced water and orange juice..
nice table rite..
and wall deco..

like it so much!!

it's quite crowded that day..

thanks for the treat sayang..

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