Tuesday, March 13, 2012

‘Do Some Good’

I’m going through a phase now where I look even deeper into my life, the way I lead my life, how I trust people, my friendships, relationships, how people are, and what I can do to contribute to the society.
And Like so many people I had always wanted to ‘do some good’

So I had a nice little break from civilization for the past 5 days or so. I was cut off from the Internet, Phone and TV’s for the whole weekend. But I had a fulfilling weekend nevertheless - visiting the hardcore poor in remote part of Kapit, Sarawak.

It’s a very priceless experiences for me to be a part of ASTRO KASIH, ASTRO's Corporate Social Responsibility programme to helping and overseeing the new building of SK Sg. Paku Hostel over the weekend.

FYI,the school, which is located 52km away from Kapit Town by river currently caters to 75 students from six nearby longhouses with the furthest being about two hours away.

Hopefully, it would be less taxing for these rural school children when this hostel is built and hope these  students will have a chance to perform better and excel in their studies.

P.S: I will share some of pictures in my next entry of the things we had done to help alleviate their plights. Hopefully, they will lead a more comfortable life soon after. 

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