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Mission Possible - The Express Bot journey to Kapit

DAY 2: The Express Boat - Kapit

8 March 2012- 2nd day, we have to woke up so damn early cause our breakfast is scheduled at 5.45 am-6.15 am.We have to checked out and depart to Sibu Jetty at 6.30 am. Surprise..surprise 6.30 am here is so bright! It's like 7.30 am in KL.We arrived at Sibu Jetty around 6.45 am and here begin my 3 hours journey with Express Boat to Kapit.

The boat trip to Kapit is going to be the first for me. The Memories crew got our ticket for Bussiness Class and the fare is RM 30 per person.All the equipments and boxes are place on top of the express boat. Meanwhile our personal luggage or our bagpack have to stay with us.

The noise in the boat is so loud and irritating, no point watching the movie shown on 21 inch TV so we decided to do something unusual or crazy maybe, which is we climb up to the rooftop of the Bot.This is the best experience ever!..So COOL.. I just can't believe that we actually at the Top of the Boat.The Air are so fresh and the scenery are so beautiful! I never seen something like this especially everything along this magnificent Sungai Rajang.

Since this was my first trip to Kapit, I think I don't mind doing those crazy act for the sake of priceless experience.. :) 

I manage to captured some pictures from the Top of the boat, pictures when the boat dock and sights at the main terminal in Kapit. Have a look.

All the volunteer gether at Sibu Jetty for Photoshoot again..
this is "The Boarding Pass" Bussiness Class RM 30.00

Sibu Jetty
This is Abg Joe loading our equipment and boxes at the Top of Express Boat
Volunteer and Crew member entering the Express Boat

Me and the boarding pass
at begining everybody is seated inside the Boat
but an hour later, half of our team is already at the ROOFTOP
 We started, at the Side of the Boat first.
Snap..Snap at the Boat Side

Yeahhh.. this is the rooftop
cool experience
this is Abg Joe and Abg Sam
that's Hijazz

our Cameraman- Epul
I love this picture..So Cool!
He's so Cool and yes his camera is super Cool!
This is our photographer-Kamell
He's Cute and he said that I'm so Camwhore.. His camera is loaded with my pictures..haha
Sg. Rajang
The Longest River in Malaysia
"The Balak's"

My favourite Picture ever...
Picture of Us at the Express Boat rooftop.. So Cool!
     A private jetty at the area

Arriving at Song and we have 41 KM to go
A picture of floating shop near the river bank, very convenient
Song's jetty

Another site of the same area near Song
Once you spotted this jetty, you are in Kapit.
A sign on one of the boat docking near the jetty, the schedule.
Here are some of the boats and ours is the one on the far right. I have to maneuver myself before reaching solid land.
The passengers from the same boat disembarking
This is Vinod with some of our team loading the boxes

I called this the stairway to Kapit..So we finally at Kapit now..

P.S: Story to be continue..stay tune!

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