Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mission Possible - Astro Kasih (7th March 2012- 11th March 2012)

Day 1

It's been a week since I left Sarawak and yes I really had a very nice and adventure trip..It is super awesome for me to be part of  Astro  Kasih Volunteer..What a priceless experience!  So it's time for me to post something with a lot of picture..hehe..

Alrite..here we go,my 5 days adventure is start at Astro Bukit Jalil (ABC).My journey to Sibu begin on the 7th March 2012.All 21 KL Staff have to gather at North Lobby,Astro to collect our Astro Kasih attire and we all depart for LCCT around 4pm.

Around 5pm we arrived at LCCT and it's time to check in and do some necessary stuff at the airport.Sharp 6.50pm we all depart for Sibu,Sarawak via Air Asia flight AK5194.

The journey to Sibu took about 2 hour and we arrived at Sibu Airport around 8.50pm.About 9.30pm we depart from Sibu Airport to RH Hotel Sibu and we reached the hotel around 10.15pm and had our late night dinner at Oriental Bistro.

 After dinner, we “try” to do our assignment. But as usual the bed wins!

 This is the Satellite view for our journey
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 Gather to collected our attire

 snappy inside the bus heading to LCCT
 Arrived at LCCT

up in the air
 Sibu View from the top..actually this picture was took when we were on the way back to KL
 Sg Rajang..The Longest River in Malaysia
 Finished my Dinner at Oriental Bistro RH Hotel,Sibu

 RH Hotel Room.. trust me the bed are so comfy..

P.S: So that's a bit story about my journey and stay tune coz there is another 4 more Day to update soon.. hehe..

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