Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kapit-Longboat trip

DAY 2: The LongBoat Trip

It may sound cliched but this is another one of the best experiences ever when at was at Sarawak.They do not call it a longboat for no reason cause it really long and narrow.Seriously this longboat was very narrow so we had to watch our balance especially with our heavy luggage.Fresh cooling breeze and leafy green trees shading the way in smaller rivers makes this a fantastic way to travel!  

at Kapit Terminal
We took a Van ride to our next river- Sg. Mujong
Arrived at Sg. Mujong Jetty.
Believe it or not, we had to cross this Mighty River.
Using this amazing LongBoat
The Best Experiece
"The Boatman"
We loading the Boat
Here we go..
Nice trip
Reach the other side of River

Last but not least Photo Group again!

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