Thursday, July 29, 2010

Life Check

Hmmm..sempena Astro Safety,Health & Environment Week berkesempatan untuk buat Health Screening for free..Gempak k buat Teast Dalam Bus besar lagi..Health Screening nie di Sponser by Sunway MC..
Life Check nie jugak di Support oleh Yayasan Buah Pinggang Kebangsaan Malaysia..
Hmmm dalam Health Screening nie me berkesempatan tok bwat test for Blood Pressure,CholesterolSugar in Blood,BMI test and urine test for Kidney..
so the result for my Blood Pressure is Quite normal 95/65 but Doctor advise me to Kurangkan salty,fried and oily food.
for Sugar in Blood plak my result is normal gak reading of 4.6 mmol/L..Cholesterol in blood test plak my reading is 4.79 mmol/L which is quite normal..
Indeks Jisim Tubuh(BMI) plak is 19.7 dengan my weight is 47kg and my height is 1.56 (m) yg ini pon ok2 jek..
and the last test is Urine Test tok check my kidney..this is agak fail sket coz there is Protein in my urine ataupon ade darah dlm said may due to my period dah nk dekat kot or maybe because of kidney stone or maybe because me kurang minum air kot that doctor advise me to take Alot of water at least 2 liter water,take barley juice and fruit juice and advise me to take the test again after a week..
hmmm..this is not good news for me..i'm kinda worried now..yela me kan sgt health paranoid tau..xpe last just ikut je pesan doctor insyallah xde pape la kan..amin..

This is my form

Life checker bergerak

thx Sunway MC

nice buss

yess my test da siap

me and kak Dilla


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