Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wired Dinner Hot & Roll @ WangsaWalk

This post should be posted few weeks ago,
because it happen on last month, or the month before last month...(i can't remember already)

as usual me an ellyas go to Wangsa Walk afterwork for Jalan2,dinner and movie...
actually we are not so hungry that day but we found this wired and intersting food there. we decided to stop by and have our Wired Dinner here.
This is the first time we try Hot & Roll, luckily it didn't dissappointed us..

so wired looks like lempeng plak kan sayang..

but its so tasty..

this is for ellyas pepporoni pizza

this is mine..chocolate banana

this is the chocolate banana

sedap kan syg that crispy pizza eh



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