Sunday, July 18, 2010

Spanish Treat after Spain Win World Cup at La Bodega@Pavillion

Hola! Reino de España is ellyas favourite now..Sorry boys of the Oranje! (including me) huhuhu..The World Cup this year were really filled with surprises but we're glad that Spain made it in the finals! "Excelente!"

In rejoice for Spain, it's about time to post something 'Spanish' which we had our dinner to celebrate Spain win their 1st World Cup ever and a.k.a ellyas win his BET.. huhuhu La Bodega was the venue for our Spanish fix.

The waiter pass us the MENU.. wow.. a lots of thing.. but we unsure what those.. TAPAS? what is that? really wonder... and we really dont know how to pronounce it..
While waiting for the food to serve.. me as usuall definitely wont miss the chance to snap photo la.. hahaha.. snap here and there

this is the menu

this is something call Diablo??

this is Lamb meat ball..the food was so nice..

the Bread

ellyas drink-pink Guava

my Drink-iced lemon tea

this is the winner..Spaninsh konon..bwekkk!!

pose Champion la tue..

me n Champ..

that nite is his nite..

even tho me kalah..i'm still love u syg..:)

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