Sunday, August 1, 2010


Knowing & Overcoming Your Stress

STRESS is physical,emotional and mental reaction to change.It encompasses pressure,burden,conflict,fatigue,tension,panic,nervousness,anxiety,depression and loss of vatality that often happens when changes occur to the body or mind.
Why are you STRESS???
*Personal-disappointment that take various forms.
*Family-domestic problems,financial problems,problems with children,etc.
*Occupation-not excelling in job,not promoted,loss of work,transferred,etc.
*Community-arguments with neigbours.
*Traffic congestion
*Uncomfortable environment
*Being forced to wait long
Sign of STRESS
*Increased heartbeat
*Loss of appetite
*Loss of interest in job
*Lack of sleep
*Tendency to raise voice
What to do when you are ANGRY
*Calm down-breathe in and exhale slowly
*Indentify the cause of your anger
*Seek the advise of others
*Withdraw to another place to control your anger
*Discuss your problem with family member of friends
*Accustom yourself to forgiving quickly and accept the fact that people make mistakes.
We Should...
*Be calm
*Breathe in deeply
*Say : JuST RELAX....
*Do good deeds or nice things for people
*Speak to someone
*Have a massage
*Rest and listen to music
*Perform physical activities
*Think positive

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