Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Buka Puas at Dome cafe @ KLCC

Right After we watching Salt movie@KLCC the other and ellyas had our Break Fast at Dome KLCC..this is very sudden treats coz we should berbuka at California Pizza instead of Dome..but it's ok la syg,i think Dome is better than California Pizza least their service is superb rite..:)

Hmmm..yummy..yummy this is for our appertiser "The Calimari".
this is very nice..served with tartar sauce and Alot of Salad..

Big Portion rite..

This is for ellyas..he so Cravings of Spaghetti with Alot of Cheese..

that is ellyas Spaghetti and mine Fish & Chips..

look at my Fish & Chip..its really big portion served with Alot of Big Chips and healthy Yummy Salad.

this is my Lemonade Drink

and this is ellyas Chocolate milk shake..sedap gler k this drink..
and this again my love "ellyas Ibrahim"..
i love you so much syg..:)

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