Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm so happy today!!!

Eheee...i'm so happy today..can't stop smiling la..why eh..??? 19/08/2010 is my 4th month aniversary with my love ellyas Ibrahim..
and the best part is about a month from now (19/09/2010) me might be been RISIK by ellyas family..
erkkk..i dont know la how am i feeling wired k..coz sekejap i'm feel so happy and sekejap i'm feel so nourvous plak..hisk..hisk..hisk..memang masuk air la me arini..hehehe
watever it is..i am happy and i'm so in love with you ellyas..
i'm ready for this and let's make it happen syg..

The common question for merisik????

i) should I get a ring?

ii) What should I bring?

iii) Who else should I invite?

iv) What do I need to wear?


i) Depends on the girl’s family. Mostly yes you should bring a ring(small ring for tanda).

ii) Manisan or Something sweet, Ferrero Rocher can never be wrong or maybe cake. (org tua2 cakap kalu datang merisik cukup datang dengan 3 benda e.g tepak sirih,manisan and cincin belah rotan)

iii) Direct family, father, mother & siblings

iv) Smart casual would suffice.

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