Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Supper at Restaurant famous thai aroma@ampang waterfront

Semalam right after tgk movie ong bak3 me and ellyas gie mkn2@supper@sahur kat Restaurant famous thai aroma@ampang waterfront..mentang2 la lepas tgk citer thai tetiba plak tingin nak makan Thai food kan..:)

kitorang slalu gak lepak kat sini coz we like the enviroment yg so cosy and that place memang x ramai orang..

this is for favourite Tom Yam..Yum..yum..yum..

and for ellyas just mix fruit x caya je syg..u diet ker??

my drink Barley iced..
and this is ellyas and his drink Cappucino Blended..
p/s- Syg arini i puasa lagi la..hmm cam teringin nak buka puasa makan char Kuey tiau yg Jas masak la..:)

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