Monday, September 20, 2010

Here Comes the....Fiance..

My relationship with ellyas has taken a new big step last weekend..
We're getting engaged!!!

Ever since the news broke out today at my office,many have asked me, "so how did he propose?" hmmm..wanna know how..? and ellyas was knowing each other about 3 years back,I still remember his pickup line on that day.. "Hi..I'm ellyas,can i get your name?" . I'm kinda shock actually..Come on a handsome boy say" hi" to me and looks like he really want to "mengurat" me hahaha..hmm he quite daring la that time..but you guys must not believe this..we're just "dating" actually "meeting" about 15 minutes je that time..

But amazingly after 3 years he still remember me..I thought he already forgotten me..but I don't know how suddenly he just "Pop up" into my life..hye syg..remember I say this to you, "Where have you been? What took you so long?" anyhow I'm so glad and so happy that "Tuhan pertemukan kite semula kan"

19th April 2010 is our 1st "re-met" day kan..I'll still remember where I fetch you at Ampang Point and staright to Pavillian for movie and our 1st Movie is "Date Night" and after that you take me for very romantic dinner @ Delicious Restaurant kan..Well that memory still fresh in my mind syg.. know what..I don't know la ellyas is really crazy or out of his mind or maybe he just "Hi or Drunk" la,coz on our 3rd day "dating" (21/04/2010) he actually PROPOSE me!!! he said... "Liana would you marry me?" Whoa..gile ape..BUT I don't know maybe I'm crazy too coz I'm saying.. "YES".. yes syg..

But in Malay tradition,there is no official proposal between the man and the woman but instead,there's something called MERISIK,which was exactly what happened last Sunday afternoon 19/09/2010 (our 5 month anniversary)..we're purposely pick that date tau!!

Yes,pretty complicated stuff..In the olden days,the man and pontential bride are absent from the discussion but this is the 21st century so both me and ellyas were present,along with ellyas mother,dad,brothers and sisters.

I guest the most important goal of the Sunday afternoon-apart from expressing both side's blessings-was that both of our immediate families can get along.After the agreement has been reached(I won't get down to details), we adjourned for tea,cakes and light conversations..Everything went well..

So yeah, that's that..we're not officially engaged as the engagement ceremony will be held in this coming 10/10/'s 3 weeks from now!!!


  1. Tahniah !!!!!!

    Buat majlis nanti, jangan lupa jemput.

    Congratulations & hope you'll be happy together - forever !

  2. Tahniah, Im happy for you... Semoga kekal hingga ke akhir hayat


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JuSt Liana