Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Know Your Goals

Know Your Goal is one of My Training Module. my Trainer Mr Daniel Tan from TMI asked me to list down what is my 10 Goals..

This is very interesting coz all this while I never list down What is My Goals and What I Want in My know what my life was so fuckup before and was no idea what I want in my life actually..Well thanks to my ellyas coz now I Know what i really want for my life and thanks for this training for teaching me how to achive it.. is my 10 GOALS in my life now..
  1. Get Married (By aged of 30)
  2. Have Children (at least 2 by aged of 31 or 32)
  3. Get a New Car (ASAP)
  4. Buy a house (By aged of 32)
  5. Get Promoted (within this 2 years)
  6. Get more BONUS/Salary increment( by April 2011)
  7. Going Holiday next year (Gold Coast/Phuket/Bali)
  8. Have Own Business (Child Care Centre)
  9. Retired by aged of 45 and have alot of money and debt free.
  10. Happily ever after with my love one (ellyas,family and future kids)

P/s- I really hope that I can reach my own Goals.

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