Thursday, February 9, 2012

Birthday Party Again?

 Happy Birthday again for October,November and December babies..haha yes it's another birthday celebration for me and my fellow office-mate.Fyi our department will throw a small birthday party for everyone at every quarter.Guess what this time is my team turn to organize it..well it's quite hard for us coz it's our 1st time organized that such party.Anyhow we made it and everyone said it's the best party ever for 2011..Good Job Team!

 Happy Birthday!
 Exchange gift for everyone
 Yummy blueberry cheese cake

 "The Team"

 This is the "Birthday Boys and Birthday Girls"

 Birthday Girl Trio "we were born on 12th Dec,13th Dec and 14th Dec" that's cool rite!

 me and birthday gift

 The Dish is Western Dish

 this my the favorite dish "Strawberry Chocolate" from Coffee Bean

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JuSt Liana