Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What is Love?

The question about love is probably the simplest yet hardest question ever asked. What is it? Where does it come from? How can we find it? How do we keep it?

What is Love? I’ve been pondering this question for 30yrs and 2months now. The question seems to be growing in my mind more and more theses days. Maybe it’s because I’m still not married and the big 3 0 is  already passed me. Honestly I'm not really sure "What is Love", "Where it come from", "How can I find it", or "How do I keep it"  hmmm It's tough huh?

well.. people said..

"if we cannot define love, how can we truly appreciate it?"

Definition: Love - an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment. 

Well that’s from the dictionary.

My Definition: Love- Happiness.

 "We cannot love another without wanting that person to be happy, and when that person is not happy it is very difficult to feel happiness ourselves"

When we love another we have a vested interest in making them happy because we’ll be happier ourselves if they are happy.  Happiness really does have that contagious effect.

I also believe that love is an emotion. It a big powerful emotion. Love always can make me laugh and yes love make me cry too.

It also can lift me up to the clouds and it can hurl me into an abyss.

Where it come from? - "It's comes from the purest heart"
How can I find it? - "It's find you!"
How do I keep it? -  "appreciate it" with honesty and open acceptance with realistic expectations.

P.S: I'm gonna love myself more cause I believe it will lead me to the truth happiness.. :)

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