Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Magical Fairy Tales Dinner..

I know it's super late but it's okay I still wanna to post this beautiful picture of mine when I became a cute Alice Wonderland at My Magical Fairy Tales Dinner hahaha..

This Dinner was held at The Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur on 27th January 2012 ( exactly a month ago) and it's really loaded with crazy,bizarre,fancy and beautiful FairyTales characters (including me.. hehe)

I really love performance by a bunch of people who playing drumline like "strom the yard" cause they are so incredible and cool! and yes we had magic show too..and  ya..don't be surprise we also had Dato Ac Mizal as our emcee on that nite..he really good and spontaneous and don't forget we also been entertained by malaysian superstar Ning Baizura..

haha..what a wonderfull and awesome nite huh..? and yes this year I won a lucky draw again.. **wink

So enjoy this picture!

This me a.k.a Alice Wonderland with Red Queen.
me with witch,red ridding hood and fairy..?
fancy rite!
me and the witched
haha.. me and Queen Victoria..
me and pricess Fiona
me and Jack Sparow..
or maybe "Jack Separuh".. haha
me and Black Queen
me and Evil Queen
she so in character.. love your makeup and your costume
me and Red Ridding Hood

me in the middle of Pirates
actually they are my big bosess
yeayy me and Peter Pan.. Neverland.. I like!
again me and Pirate a.k.a my another big boss
The Fairy..?
Rome Princess
I like evil Queen and my big boss again..?
me and Hello..?
hahaha.. cute!
ya.. this is it.. Alice..?
Cute huh..?
I know i'm too cute.. haha
so freaking "Berangan" rite..

me and pink fairy
people say we look a like..

the naughty boy!

me and another evil Queen

suddenly my boss became Rockstar.. haha

my beloved fren Heldi a.k.a Daydeck with Superstar Ning Baizura..

haha.. I also want to snappy with Ning Baizura..

this is my table.. number 37..
outside the ballroom
the Magic castle

these guy are so cool cause they using Dustbin as a Drum..
Dato Ac Mizal

our table picture
the lucky draw prizes

the Magic show

Ning Baizura

Queen and King of the night

overall this year dinner is super successful and loaded with colourful characters..

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