Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Nephew’s 5th Birthday

Happy Birthday to my nephew, Aiman. Oh how you've grown up so fast.It's my nephew's 5th birthday on 4th Jan'12 and of course we throw a "Pool Party" for him..

So here is some pictures of us.. :)

 The Birthday Cake "Ben10"
 Lovely cake
 Special for Birthday boy
 Birthday Boy and his Sister

 They are so cute!

 we are so cute!
 me and birthday boy
 Daddy and kids

 me and my sis
 me and my other sis "Mummy"

 the dish "macaroni n cheese"

 yes my favourite "Grill Chicken"

P.S: It's lovely family gathering, mouth watering barbecue, and fun party for everyone :)

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