Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Leap Day!

Happy Leap Day, 29th Feb 2012! 

Is Leap Day today! 29th February! Once every 4 Years event and guess what, we have to work for free tomorrow.

Well for me it is not a very special day as I don't have birthday or anniversary or what. But, today is the 366th Day in the Leap Year. Which means we have that extra 24 hours compared to usual 365 Days where February only have 28 Days.

Leap Day Fun facts:

- February 29 is a date that only takes place once every four years, and is called leap day.

- According to Irish tradition, February 29 is a special day set aside where women may ask for a man’s  hand in marriage.

- The probability of being born on a Leap Year are 1 in 1,461.

- People born during a leap year are called leapers or leaplings.

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