Monday, January 2, 2012

Another Birthday's Gift.. LOVEly and iLuv it!

Woohoo.. it's my 1st working day in 2012 and Surprise..Surprise I received another Birthday Gift.. By the way, this is a belated birthday “gift” from my dear BFF "Mc Pitt"..what a nice pleasant cause it 2 in 1 Gift.Yes it's not one but  I received two Birthday Gift.. hehe

The Birthday Box consist of this one "LOVEly T-Shirt" and "Casing for my Iphone4"
I love this Shirt..
Yes.. "CHOCOLATE Makes Life Worth Living"
And this is the "iLUV" Iphone casing
Finally I got something to cover up my Iphone.. hehe
It's chrome and it like a mirror
and yes iLUV it..

P.S: Untung la.. Thanks Mc Pitt.. :)

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JuSt Liana