Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fairy Tales Love?

My love for you is not like Cinderella,
The slipper may not fit,
And there is a possibility it will break,
Then where does that leave you?
With a broken slipper …
You can put the pieces together,
But what if not all the pieces are there?
Now what?
You are left without your princess …

My love for you is not like Sleeping Beauty,
I’m not locked up in a far away tower,
And you don’t need you to fight any dragons,
What if the dragon ate you?
Then where does that leave me?
Alone …
With a dragon.
I can try to defeat the dragon,
But what if I make it out?
I’m still without my prince …

My love for you is not like Snow White,
I don’t need true love’s first kiss to awake me.
I want to be awake when I receive it,
I want to remember every second of it.
And besides …
What if you get lost on your way to find me?
Where does that leave us?
It leaves me forever asleep …
Waiting for you …
Dreaming of you.
It leaves you stuck in the middle of nowhere …
Thinking about me …
Wandering if we will ever be.

My love for you is more like Toy Story,
There is no slipper to break …
And no dragon to defeat …
But there is you and me.
We may have hard times,
And lose each other once in a while,
But in the end we will find each other,
And love through Buzz Lightyear’s motto …
To infinity and beyond!

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JuSt Liana