Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Meet Our Dearest & Beloved pet Sugar Glider..!!!

Everyone Meet our Sugar Gliders Mia and EJ

Wanted to share this since few days ago but today only I got a chance to story about it..
Last Christmas, we bought partner for Mia..What..? Who’s Mia?

FYI  Mia is HIS baby girl Glider, she been lonely since last 3 month and that why we decided to adopt boyfriend for her..haha

So meet our new tiny little pet “Sugar Glider” or a “small gliding marsupial” we named it EJ a.k.a Edward Jacob (familiar name is it..? hehe)

Now we got two sugar gliders .It’s Mia and EJ..and at this moment they have to stay with their Daddy 1st cause I’m kinda Super Busy to pampered them.. haha

Actually they were very bonded to him, while I’m quite struggled every day to get them more used to me.. Sometimes I’m just wondering how else I can bond with them and what will be the easiest way? Hmm..

This is Mia and EJ
Cute rite
Love it!
funny little creatures
Love playing with something and everything
quite naughty.
look at him
so sweet..
careful they bite tho
they so happy playing at their new Tent
jumped around
flaying without wing
me and Mia
that's EJ
doing the Acrobatic
EJ trying to kiss me..

this is their new Playing Tent

Well that's our tiny little pet.
I think sugar gliders are just too adorable and cuddly looking.. :)

P.S: For me, one of my greatest pleasures is watching my animals interact with each other or a toy. They are always doing something that makes me wish I had my camera..:)

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