Monday, January 9, 2012

CCC Away Day..

It might be quite late but it's okay cause I still wanna post these beautiful pictures while me and my friend attending our company gathering a.k.a CCC Away Day or maybe Explore Race across Kuala Lumpur City.

all of us..
That is Kak Shikin,Kak Azie,Kak Dilla and Me..
That is us and "team coordinator"

This is My team mate, Kak Shikin,Kak Azie,Kak Dilla,Azrin,Ester and Fairul
This is me and Azrin
Kak Dilla and Kak Azie

And last but not least that is me and my team is ON TV's.. It's TV3 Belutin Utama.. Cool rite.. :)

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