Monday, January 9, 2012

Majlis Aqiqah, Naik Buaian & Cukur Jambul my new nephew

My Brother just had MAJLIS AQIQAH, NAIK BUAIAN DAN CUKUR JAMBUL of his son, Muhammad Aydan Farrel Bin Mohd Fairuse.

How cute. Just hope this liltle guy will grow as a superb person.

So here is some pictures for that event.

This is Muhammad Aydan Farrel Bin Mohd Fairuse

This is "The Buaian"
Cute rite..
Nice Decorations
and so Sweet
I Like this one
My new Nephew.
Look exactly like my Brother.
The Mummy and Baby

My family member
Nice Gathering
This is "The Daddy"
The Food was Fantastic.. It's Arabian menu
Seriously the rice is Superb.. it's the best rice I ever Ate
This is Chicken and it cooked by Pure Arabian Man
Mutton Dish
Love this Salad.. so refreshing..
Karipap.. made by my mother

The Hero of the Event
Me and my lil Cuz
I know.. we are too cute rite..haha

P.S: Still Wondering when can I have my own baby.. huhu :(

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