Thursday, January 5, 2012

What Are Sugar Gliders : As Pets?

Sugar gliders have become popular pets in recent years.These cute little furballs make perfect pets, due to the fact that they are small and easy to care for. Caring for your sugar glider is an important part of owning one, as a sugar glider requires a good deal of care and attention to keep them healthy.
There are many foods that you can feed your sugar gliders, but you will find that their favorite foods are:
  • Vegetables
  • Lean proteins
  • Insects
  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Yoghurt
  • Fruits
These foods are all important in the diet of sugar gliders, and you will find that giving your sugar glider a balanced diet will keep him healthy.
Every sugar glider in the wild consumes roughly 50% insects and protein, 25% vegetables, and 25% fruit. If you can feed them these important nutrients, you will find that your sugar glider will stay healthy and well nourished in the man-made environment of a cage.

P.S: we feed them with HPW diet,fruit,egg and yogurt.

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