Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What are Fairy Tales?

A fairy tale is typically a story about something that would not usually happen in real life.

A fairy tale will always end happily with the hero or heroine living happily ever after.

Fairy tales are moralistic, these stories teach readers a message. Usually the messages are cautionary, warning children against situations but for me fairy tales are also full of negative stereotypes, messages, and images.

Fairy tales are full negative of stereotypes of girls. It is common in fairy tales that the men are strong, smart, and in power and women are portrayed as pretty, passive, and powerless. The women depend solely on a man to save them in their lives.

So What Say you About Fairy Tales?

For me A fairytale is something unrealistic and mystical. Here is some traits that help you figure out that its a fairytale is
  • once upon a time/ happily ever after
  • good vs. evil
  • good wins
  • talking animals
  • mystical creature
  • magic
  • bad usually punished
  • prince or princess

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